You can install Semaphore in three ways:

  • Install via snap

  • Download *.deb or *.rpm file and install it via dpkg or yum
  • Download binary file and use it

Installation via snap

Just execute next command:

sudo snap install semaphore

After installation you should create admin user by commands:

sudo snap stop semaphore
sudo semaphore user add --name "Your Name" --login your_login --email --password your_password
sudo snap start semaphore

Semaphore will be available here http://localhost:3000.

More info by snap here:

Manual installation


  • MySQL >= 5.6.4/MariaDB >= 5.3 (Ony if you want to use MySQL as DB, you can use embedded BoltDB)
  • ansible in $PATH
  • git >= 2.x in $PATH

Install instructions

  1. Download installer for your OS from Releases page
  2. Install Semaphore
  3. Open terminal and run semaphore setup
  4. Continue setup


After setup is completed you can find the configuration file config.json in the current directory.

Run semaphore service --config config.json to start Semaphore.

You can use the screen tool to run Semaphore on the server. Or you can create a systemd unit to run Semaphore as service.


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